In response to a growing number of Public Official Liability claims being brought against member municipalities due to the actions of their Land Use Board(s), your Municipal Joint Insurance Fund has developed a Land Use Liability Training Booklet that outlines some of the most common causes of Land Use litigation.  Successful completion of this training for existing and newly appointed board members will prevent potential costly litigation against your municipality and individual board members.  In addition, board members who complete the training will receive enhanced coverage in the event they are named personally in civil suits.

To complete the training process the Land Use Board attorney should distribute a copy of the Training Booklet to the Board members present, review each section of the training booklet, and respond to any questions that the members might have regarding the materials covered.  Once the training process is complete, each Board member present should print their name and sign the  training affidavit indicating that they have completed the prescribed training process.  The Affidavit should then be certified by the Land Use Board Attorney that completed the training.

Land Use Training Materials Memorandum      |      Attorney Affidavit (Word Doc)      |       JIF Land Use Training Booklet