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SD Bulletin: Training Summer Employees – May 2018

SD Bulletin: Ticks and Diseases – May 2018

Law Enforcement & School Safety Bulletin – April 2018

SD Bulletin Wood Chipper Safety – April 2018

Law Enforcement Bulletin – April 2018

SD Bulletin Playground Safety – March 2018

SD Bulletin Safe Patient Handling – February 2018

SD Bulletin: NJPEOSH Recordkeeping Annual Reminder – January 2018

SD Bulletin: New CDL Opioid Testing January 2018

SD Bulletin: Conducting Motor Vehicle Record Checks – January 2018


SD Bulletin Fire Extinguisher Recall – December 2017

SD Bulletin Disposal of Improperly Discarded Syringes – November 2017

SD Bulletin Leaf Collection Safety- October 2017

SD Bulletin Fire Prevention Month – October 2017

SD Bulletin MSI Shift Briefing Sun Glare Awareness for Crossing Guards – September 2017

SD Bulletin Office Safety – September 2017 AND MELJIF Office Safety Training Info

SD Bulletin Firefighters Fitness/Medical Evaluations – August 2017

SD Bulletin Ticks and Tick Borne Diseases – August 2017

SD Bulletin School Crossing Guard Safety – August 2017

SD Bulletin Preventing Heat Illness – July 2017

SD Bulletin Ladder Safety – June 2017

SD Bulletin Training Summer Employees – May 2017 AND MELJIF – New Hire Safety LogOn

SD Bulletin CCV Lateral Sewer Lines – April 2017

SD Bulletin Spring Playgrounds – April 2017

SD Bulletin Take Your Child to Work Day – Feb 2017

SD Bulletin OSHA Recordkeeping Reminder – Jan 2017

SD Bulletin MVR Checks Reminder – Jan 2017

SD Bulletin Best Practices Snow Emergencies January 2017

SD Bulletin First Responder Safe Lifting 2017


2015 Bulletins 2016 Bulletins
SD Bulletin Slips Falls on Ice Dec 2016
PD snow poster and briefing
Best Practices for Backing Fire Apparatus into the Station _ September 2015 Automated External Defibrillators in Public Settings_February
Comprehensive Playground Inspection Program Best Practices for Snow Emergencies_January 2016
 Conducting Motor Vehicle Record Checks_January 2015 Conducting Motor Vehicle Record Checks_January 2016
First Responder Safe Lifting_February 2015 Comprehensive Playground Inspection Program April 2016
Leaf Collection _ October 2015 Fire Extinguisher Essentials March 2016
Managing Special Events_June 2015 Fire Prevention Month_October 2016
Special Events Safety Checklist_June 2015 Ladder Safety_July 2016
Managing Slip and Fall Risks During Winter Months _ December 2015 National Preparedness Month_September 2016
Poster on slip prevention for Law Enforcement Supervisors and Officers_ December 2015 Posting PEOSHA Summary Logs Annual Reminder_January 2016
Mobile Work Zone_November 2015 Resources for School Crossing Guard Safety Programs_August
 Posting PEOSHA Summary Logs Annual Reminder January 2015 Safety in the Office Environment_September
Preventing Heat Related Illnesses A Team Approach _June 2015 Summertime and High Visibility Apparel_June
Safety When Collecting Brush on Roadways – March 2015  Training Summer Seasonal Employees_May 2016
School Crossing Safety Program and the 4 Es _ August 2015  Leaf Collection Safety_October 2016
Summertime and High Visibility Apparel_July 2015
Take Charge of your Safety In and Around your Patrol Vehicle – March 2015
Traffic Control by Law Enforcement in Work Zones_May 2015
Training Summer & Seasonal Employees