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Mindful Minutes

Listen to quick audio clips from JIF Wellness Director Debby Schiffer! These complement each Quarterly Newsletter on the four Essential Mindsets for generating overall well-being. These essential mindsets can naturally propel us towards positive changes, fostering improvement in both our professional and personal lives.

In addition, Deb will provide valuable tips on cultivating a mindful approach towards adopting a healthier lifestyle. This includes making informed decisions about nutrition, incorporating movement throughout your day, establishing a consistent sleep routine and more!

March Mindful Minutes – Two Simple Exercises 

 Vision Meditation

Two Minute Rule for Building Habits




Coping with Uncertainty

JIF Wellness Directors Debby Schiffer and Jordan Simone conducted the first in a series of Wellness Webinars in October 2020. Titled “Coping with Uncertainty,” Deb and Jordan reviewed strategies to cope with stress, fear, and worry during the current pandemic.  These coping mechanisms can also be valuable in everyday life.  Click below to download the presentation.

JIF Wellness Webinar Presentation – Balancing Uncertainty

View the Zoom Wellness Webinar Zoom Recording Here