Quote of the Month:

“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.” – Maya Angelou


Spring Reset – April

Appreciation and Functional Mental Toughness – March

February Gratitude Practice

Essential Mindsets for Overall Health – Q1 Newsletter – January


Main Stressors and Causes – December 2023

Mindful Eating Strategies to Improve Your Relationship With Food During the Holidays

Targeting Wellness Newsletter Qtr 4 -Stress Management

Pick Yourself Up When Down

30 day Stress Management Calendar

How Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Inflammation

Insomnia and How To Stay Asleep

Targeting Wellness Newsletter Qtr 3 -Sleep

BP chart and Home Tracker

How Exercise Affects Blood Pressure

Lifestyle Changes to Lower Your Blood Pressure – Lifestyle Changes Lower BP

When to take your Blood Pressure

Exercise and Physical Activity – Your B.A.S.I.C. Spring Training – April

Diabetes and Prediabetes – Diabetes Fact Sheet CDC

Prediabetes Risk Test

Carbohydrates — Part of a Healthful Diabetes Diet

Diet Tips to Improve insulin resistance

Easy sugar swaps

Mastering Diabetes _ The 3 Pieces of the Insulin Resistance Diet

Heart Healthy Eating Nutrition Therapy

Snacking Tip Sheet

Start Simple with My Plate

The New and Improved Nutrition Facts Label – Key Changes

All About Nutrition – January

Creating Healthy Habits Article by the National Institutes of Health


2022 Observance Calendar June thru December

Tips on Managing Stress – December & January

Diabetes Prevention & Gratitude- November

NDM22-Manage Your Diabetes-Flyer

Lifestyle Changes Against Cancer – October

Overeating Causes and Solutions – Center for Nutrition Studies

Aging Gracefully – September

Surfing The Waves of Life – August

Gut health – July

2022 Observance Calendar June thru December

Summer Health Tips – June

Managing Your Blood Pressure to Avoid the Risk of Stroke – May

Improve Your Sleep – April

Fiber Content of Foods in Common Portions

The Power of the Mind-Body Connection, Stretching Tips and More – March

Your Heart Health – February

2022 Observance Calendar Jan thru May  &  Finding Your Why – January


Maintaining not Gaining over the Holidays and Walking for Fitness- December  |  Nutrition Sudoku – Eat Right 2021

Are You at Risk for Diabetes?  |  Preventing Diabetes – November

Fighting Autoimmune Disease Through Simple Lifestyle Choices – October

All About Back Pain – September

The Four Agreements – August

Summer Hydration, Fun and Safety – July

Facts about Alzheimer’s – June Awareness Month  AND  June Brain Teaser

Sleep Hygeine & Skin Cancer Detection – May

Stress Awareness Month – April

The Challenges of Weight Loss and Where to Start – March

Self Compassion – Overcoming Procrastination & Perfectionism – February

Start Fresh with a New Year and a New Challenge – January 


Fuel up for End of Year – December 2020

National Diabetes Month – November 2020

Get Your Immune System Fall Ready – October 2020

Work Life Balance – September 2020

Daily Choices Lead to new Habits – August 2020

Summertime Health – July 2020

Preparing for Post-Pandemic with Self Reflection – June 2020

Mental Health – May 2020

Empowerment –  April 2020

Nutrition Month – March 2020

Love Your Heart – February 2020

The Power of Habits – January 2020


Managing Holiday Stress – December 2019

Embracing Change – November 2019

The Truth About Sugar – October 2019

Chronic Pain – September 2019

Nutritional Facts to “Chew On” – August

Social Wellness Month, Losing Weight and Gut Health – July 2019

Recognizing & Preventing Men’s Health Problems – June 2019 & June Wellness Calendar

Importance of Maintaining Positive Mental Health – May 2019

Stress  – Know the Signs and Ways to Cope – April 2019

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month – March 2019

A Healthy Hearth – February 2019

Changing Habits – January 2019


Stay Healthy Through The Holidays – December 2018

Coping with Change and Resilience – November 2018

Slash Your Cancer Risk – October 2018

Healthy Aging Month – September 2018

Year Round Bone Health – July 2018

Men’s Health – June 2018

The Importance of Skin Health – May 2018

National Humor Month – April 2018

Better Sleep Habits – March 2018

Increase Cardiac Fitness – February 2018

New Year New Attitude – January 2018