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Enrollment is required for all MSI classes. MSI classes are subject to cancellation or rescheduling at any time.

Members are reminded to log on to the website, then click on the MSI logo to access the Learning Management System where you can verify that classes have not changed and enroll your employees.

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Three Main Training Platforms through the MEL Safety Institute:

1) MSI LIVE -MSI LIVE features real-time, instructor-led, in-person and virtual classes. Experienced instructors provide an interactive experience for the learner on a broad spectrum of safety and risk control topics.  The catalog provides information about each class and available continuing education credits.  To see a current class schedule and to register click the “MSI LIVE Schedule” button.

2) MSI NOW – MSI NOW provides on-demand streaming videos and online classes that can be viewed 24/7 by our members. Topics pertain to many aspects of safety, risk control, employment practices, and supervision and most can be viewed in under 20 minutes.

3) MSI DVD – MSI DVD includes a vast library of DVDs topics on many aspects of safety, risk control, employment practices, and supervision, and most can be viewed in under 20 minutes. The DVDs can be requested free of charge for MEL members and held for up to 2 weeks so you can view them at your convenience. A prepaid self-addressed envelope is included to return the DVD.

MSI LIVE 2021 Summer Seasonal Employee Pre Learning Assignment Guide S:ERVE – EVOC Intersection Analysis & Distracted Driving
MSI NOW Online Camp Counselor Training Program Defensive Driving
2021 Media (DVD) Catalog Stormwater Management Training
Training Assessment Guide Police Command Staff Training
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2021 MSI Course Catalogue
2021 ‘MSI NOW’ Training Group Sign in Sheet

Enrolling your staff ensures you will be notified of any schedule changes.